Future Leads


The aim of FutureNet is to supply you with a perfect platform for successful online business activities.With Future Lead, we provide you an online contact system for all FutureNet members. What is more – you can sell the system to your clients, who are not yet FutureNet members themselves. These transactions ensure additional passive income. Month by month, you will participate in the sales revenues realized by partners within your team.





This step will make us extraordinarily attractive for customers from outside of our network, as the majority of similar offers is only available in English and therefore not accessible for many people.


How does it work?

The most essential point comes first: all solutions, which we develop at FutureNet, are supposed to be maximum user-friendly and easy to operate.

Nobody needs a system with 100 different useless options, which are accessible only for top-class professionals.


With Future Lead, you are able to create your own neutral, attractive landing page within 5 minutes, choosing among many different templates. A landing pages it the BASIS for a successful online marketing business.

You may choose your graphic design for your landing page according to your own needs. If you want, you can even use own pictures as background.


In the next step, you choose one of the many available template texts, which will render your landing page interesting for visitors. You are free to write your own, individual text.

Afterwards, you choose a button text in order to encourage visitors to request further information.


The most important item of a landing page is of course the form, which the visitor is asked to fill in. Just as earlier, you may choose the standard template (e-mail address and name). If you prefer individual settings, you can choose other information, which your visitors are asked to supply.


You will see – your landing page will be ready in a few minutes. The system is as easy to handle as a simple construction kit.


The landing page will be linked to an auto responder system.

A visitor, who has filled in his or her e-mail-address, will automatically be supplied with your follow-up e-mails.

And again the decision is up to you: you can either take one of the templates or create your own, individual texts.

The entire system is completed with a statistics function and an address management system.


As soon as our Future Lead system will be available, we will let you know and supply you with further information in training lectures.