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With this video, I will help you take your FutureNet business to the unknown lands.

Here you will be advised on the best course of action which, as has been proved, guarantees the greatest success.


But what are Network Marketing and FutureNet all about?


They are about creating a structure of customers and distribution partners. Organizations of several hundred customers and distribution partners generate above-average income, whereas organizations of thousands of customers and distribution partners generate huge income.


With this video and the related FutureNet trainings, you will learn what exactly you need to do to build a successful organization.


The video, however, is only about creating such an organization. If in any doubt, please contact your sponsor in any matters regarding FutureNet, its products and marketing plan, check all the information on-line or join our training courses.


WHAT exactly do the networkers, who actually earn high income, have to do?

The answer is very simple: they understand the principle behind Network Marketing idea and focus, without exception, on the POWER OF DUPLICATION. Successful networkers use simple STRATEGIES. If their strategies were not simple, they would never be able to build such great organizations.


Do you also want to learn their secret? Do you? If yes, watch the video!


Your first task is to focus in 90% on building the distribution system and in 10% on forming a network of customers. Later in the video, you will see how to earn, in spite of everything, the highest income from customers' turnover, thereby making as much money as possible.


Are you ready? Are you serious about your decision to build up your business with FutureNet? If you are, you may start forming your distribution system. Your task now is to sponsor new distribution partner for the next three months. 


Can you imagine it? Do you think you can handle it? Altogether, it does not seem to be that difficult, does it? You are most probably asking yourself now: "What is it for? One partner in three months? It is a piece of cake!" 

You are right! It has to be a piece of cake so that EVERYONE could do it!


It is important to start TODAY! Inform at least one person about your FutureNet offer TODAY. A personal distribution partner is a must in this period (that is, in the first three months). EVERYONE can do it!


1. English Training: Date: 02.03.2015 Time: 10:30 UK / Greenwich Time

And what is the next step? 

Your task for the next three months will be to continue sponsoring new distribution partner. In addition, you need tohelp your first partner sponsor his one new partner as well. Just show him the video and he will learn everything you have learnt.


Do you think you can handle it? Again, it does not seem to be too difficult to do, does it? Let's see what you have managed to achieve after six months: you have three partners in the team. And how much money have you managed to make? Certainly not too much. So far, it does not sound too attractive, does it? And this is where the problem lies. Many people do not understand that this is just the beginning of something really great. Even the largest networking organizations started with one, two or three distribution partners.


So, what is the next step?

Your task for the next three months will be to sponsor another personal partner and provide assistance to your three current partners so that each of them could sponsor a new partner as well.

Therefore, you will have a team of seven distribution partners after nine months. And what will happen in the next three months? Nothing new: you just keep sponsoring one new partner and help your current partners do the same. How to help your partners? The easiest way to do it is to simply show them this video and explain that all they have to do is to follow our instructions.


Sounds too simple?

Perhaps it does, but this is how simple it is! After twelve months your team will have fifteen distribution partners. You may think: "Only fifteen partners after twelve months? Come on, forget it! It cannot work, I will never make any money out of it". I bet more than one person will think this way. Why? Because almost everyone thinks in terms of compensation or salary. Only few people think in terms of business expansion. But I want you to understand the principle behind Network Marketing and the power of duplication. 

So look what will happen next: if you carry on following the same pattern, after two years you will have 255 partners, which does look pretty good, doesn't it? You will really enjoy it, and your income will boost substantially.


And what is the next step? 

Just keep pursuing this strategy: every 3 months sponsor one new partner and continue doing it. After three years, you will already have 4,095 partners in your organization. Then you will become a very profitable businessman, and it is just because you constantly followed our strategy, you believed in this simple and logical system, and you let the power of duplication work for you. Each partner in your team, and everyone around you, will see that Network Marketing does really work. Therefore, this process will not stop, just the opposite: it will constantly evolve. Many of those who first said NO to FutureNet, will now decide to join you because they will see how successful it is. After four years, you will have enormous number of distribution partners, incredible to most people, in your team. And yet you do nothing but sponsor one partner every three months and keep doing it on a regular basis. 


Your reward will be a team of 65,535 distribution partners. This figure is amazing, especially when you realize that after one year there was only 15 people in your team.


What do you think about it? Is it theoretically possible that EVERYONE could do it? The answer is very simple: YES.

And will everyone do it? Again, the answer is very simple: NO.


Let me explain to you several issues:

Mathematically, it will never happen because we are dealing with people here.

These calculations are based on distribution partners who are active and keep joining in.

There will be people who at some point will back out from the system, which is perfectly normal; bear it in mind from the very beginning.

But there will be also people who will get involved and do more as well as those who will do MUCH MORE.


And this is the point. There will be people who will do more and they will do it faster!

The approximate, three-month calculations sound cool. But today we live in the age of the dynamic, ever-evolving and fast-paced Internet and unlimited communication. After all, it is said that the world is spinning faster and faster.

Business that generates income after 3 or 4 years is no longer an interesting venture as today everything has to be done as soon as possible.


Actually, what is preventing our business expansion plan from being carried out in a three-week cycle instead of a three-month cycle?

Let's work on it together so that you could sponsor one new partner every 3 WEEKS. According to our calculations, we will make 48 weeks out of 48 months!


You are ready for it, aren't you?

It is now time to ask a very important question:

are you audacious enough to do things that others dare not do? Actually, a bit of audacity is necessary as we want our results to go far beyond what ordinary people are able to achieve.


In this case, follow the FutureNet strategy of success. I guarantee you it will pay off! You will make a success you have never even dreamed of!

Here is your first task:

from now on watch this video EVERY DAY IN THE MORNING. From Monday to Sunday, from Monday to Sunday, from Monday to Sunday, for the next 100 days.

I have already asked you if you are brave enough to do the thing that others dare not. Just get up 15 minutes earlier every day and watch this video. Do this for 100 days, without exception!

You may ask: "Why for 100 days? Why every day?"

The answer is very simple: our brain works like a muscle and thus it needs decent work-out.

For example: it is not enough to go to the gym once to be in great shape, you must exercise regularly to stay in an excellent CONDITION.


And exactly the same rule applies to your brain. If you start watching this video right away every day, your brain will concentrate on your success, on this simple strategy and the power of duplication. You will make your brain focus on the most important thing!

I personally have worked this way many times and the results I have managed to achieved were always amazing.


And here is your second task:

right away, EVERY DAY, from Monday to Sunday, take part in training sessions live on the Internet in the form of webinars.

Join EACH WEBINAR, EVERY DAY. If possible, watch them live and if for some reasons you are unable to, watch the recording. It does not really matter whether you will do it in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Just DO IT and do it EVERY DAY!

The reason is primarily the same: to train you brain.

But it is equally important to SET THE STANDARDS for others to follow!!! If YOU do it, the partners from your team will do the same!


And here is your third task, a day- to-day mission:

each day invite at least one new person to join the webinar live and at least one new person to watch its recording. Obviously, the more, the better!

At each single training session you will be provided with tips on how to successfully win more and more new partners.

And to this end, you may use the FutureNet Landing Page Lead System.

What will happen if you do everything exactly as recommended?


Your new partners will be given the same instructions as you were provided with. They, too, just like you, will be told to watch this video every day and to invite at least one new person to join the training session live and at least one new person to watch its recording.

Some of them will perform the tasks in 100%, others will complete them partially, thereby making a qualified success, and some will do nothing at all.

Our purpose is to make your organization expand in a three-week cycle.

Here is a small sample showing how your organization may develop:


All this can happen in just one year from now.

Follow this strategy and build up your own profitable business with FutureNet.


And finally one more, yet very important issue.

Do you remember as I said at the beginning of the video that overall, the highest income will come from the CUSTOMERS' turnover ?

How does it work?

In a very simple way: basically FutureNet offers fantastic products including our multimedia, the FutureNet Landing Page System, the Future-CLOUD, the Future-BLOG system, our Future-Video emails and many, many more.

These products are known from the best value for money and that is what makes them so appealing; furthermore, each customer, even a non-distribution partner within FutureNet, is allowed to make use of them.

There are hundreds of millions of potential customers interested in these products.

Imagine that on average every third distribution partner has only three additional customers.

As you can see, it is the customers who generate the highest income.


It does not matter if you expand your business exactly as presented; however, it is important that you get down to work immediately and start making profit. Even if you can only achieve 705, 50% or 30%, it will be OK.

And even if you manage to achieve only 10%, you will still have more than 6,000 distribution partners after the first year.

Let's go!!!


This video shows you a simple marketing strategy which, combined with everyday training sessions, will help you take advantage of FutureNet fantastic business opportunity.


I wish you A LOT OF SUCCESS IN THIS VENTURE! See you at the training sessions!