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FutureNet Newsletter - Willkommen im FutureNet Multimedia Club - Geld verdienen online und Spaß haben

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.9 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

April in recent history of FutureNet was a very successful month.
We would like to sincerely thank all active partners who have contributed to this success.

A warm welcome to all new members of FutureNet!
You have come to the right place at the right time!
Starting an adventure with FutureNet and making an investment in our products are the most important financial decisions of your life.
Get started today and make your way with us towards a fascinating future, and in a few months or years you will be able to live the life of your dreams!

Never before have you had such tremendous opportunities to create your own on-line business.

A lead manager of a company expressed it in the following words: „FutureNet offer allows its members to create a land lowing with milk and honey!”

We couldn't agree more with this statement. This is why it is so important that you recognize opportunities given by FutureNet. Now it is time for you to take appropriate decisions that guarantee you an optimal start. At the end of this newsletter you will find information on the UPGRADE. All you need to do is to act the right way.
Stay with us as we move to the phase of global expansion!

Show these advantages to everyone you know:

-    Leading company
-    Professional team
-    Experienced management
-    Top products
-    Best offer of services
-    Incentive system, also for those investing just USD 10!
-    Professional websites
-    One-time investment of your own funds
-    Earning passive income
-    Brilliant marketing plan, 90% of pay-out!
-    100% Matching Bonus!!!
-    Income based upon synergy (new positions keep coming up)
-    Sale of product to the clients without having to invest your own funds
-    Sale of products to the clients without having to hold qualifications
-    Earning money even without MLM
-    Availability in 14 languages
-    Most professional video clips in the industry
-    Perfect timing, market share is gained NOW

If you share this information with other people, many new partners will join you. We wish you much success!
In the tab with files to download, you will find business presentations in different languages: http://futurenet.club/download-list


FutureNet Event:

In the upcoming two weeks, the first FutureNet event to be held on 16 and 17 May 2015 in Turkey will be at the centre of our attention.

We will present some of the most important products, including video-mailing system and the Future Blog system.
We will also show the FutureNet application designed to run on Android smartphones in addition to our first game.
Furthermore, the prize-giving ceremony regarding Upgrade promotion will take place.
But, of course, this does not exhaust our agenda.
On Friday evening, on 15 May, we will organize an ice-breaking party. On Saturday, we will provide all partners with professional training, and on Sunday a large meeting for all participants will be arranged.


FutureNet brands campaign:

On 30 April 2015, the sale of shares in the brands campaign ended. Anyone who participated in the campaign will soon receive a special newsletter. It will contain full details.
As of June, the first weekly settlements will start.
So far, not all brands have been sold. In the future, we will present new tools allowing you to make use of opportunities offered by brands campaign: you invest ONCE and earn YOUR WHOLE LIFE.
If you are interested, just send an email to the Customer Service department.


Advertisements sales to the clients:

You may sell on-line advertisements to clients now. We are currently offering the best location (on the right-hand side at the top) at excellent special price of USD 100 per 30 days.
NOTE: the offer is limited and valid only for a few days.
For details, please refer to https://futurenet.club/ads

Business Partner selling advertisements to clients will get a 30% direct commission! If you have contacts to potential clients interested in advertising services, feel free to recommend the FutureNet platform.
Some revenues from advertising go towards the Social Media Bonus.


New service: video clips production

Our scope of practice has expended by new service, namely professional video clips production for your clients.

You know that in FutureNet we produce the best video clips. Now also your clients will benefit by our experience. Your client will be able to order professional video clips for the price that one usually has to pay to receive an average quality product. The basis of calculation is USD 1,000 for a 5-minute video. Individual price depends on many factors.

This is an interesting offer for sellers. To keep prices at low level and to ensure profits going to both the seller and the client, we use the following formula for the calculations: 20% of total revenue is commission.
This 20% is settled using the sales bonuses. The seller will get a 30% direct commission, and additional 5 and 3% will be distributed among 10 levels.
This service is also offered at: www.onlinetools.me.


Upgrade your membership:

As you have noticed, the scope of FutureNet products and services is expanding. To make use of all of them, it is reasonable for you to upgrade your position and have even more Media Points at your disposal.

First of all, do not forget you can make money only in accordance with compensation plan assigned to your active position. Our goal is to provide each FutureNet Partner with optimal opportunities to earn money in their business. That is why it is so important for you to become active across all marketing plans – from Member to Royal – as soon as possible!

So many benefits accrue from the FutureNet offer!
One of its main advantages is the fact that you need to invest your own funds only once, and yet you continually make money.
When you decided to upgrade, follow your own feelings and keep in mind your financial means, but do not forget that each time you upgrade from one level to another your ability to make money increases significantly!
Think about the information mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter once more: „Your investment in your own FutureNet business is the most important financial decision of your life”.

Set a good example and you will see the partners in your team following you. Thus, the money you have invested will pay for itself really quickly. From now on you may expect only profits because you are no longer obliged to enter into new transactions!

We wish you a good day and every success in your business!

Your FutureNet team

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.8 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

on April 2015 we have 2 great opportunities to build your Business more successfull way. Both are ending on the 30.04.2015.

Upgrade Promotion:

Use the last days for your own upgrade to win one of the great Prices.
You can win from a 1.000$ Travelvoucher, Multimedia Laptop up to many other Prices and Paycodes!
You can also get attractive Prices by your own ACTIVITY.  
You can get from Mac Book Air, I-Pad, Mini-Tablet or many Paycodes by your own activity.

You can find all of the details here:  http://futurenet.club/business/tickets

FutureNet Brand Campaign  

In this Newsletter we want to inform you, that the FutureNet Brand Campaign option to sign in ends up on the 30.04.2015.

The FutureNet Brand Campaign is for active FutureNet Partner and it is a great opportunity for other people too.

You can find all of the details here:  www.futurenet.club/brand

Your FutureNet Team

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.7 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

in this newsletter we would like to present you our position after several weeks in the ALEXA RANKING, monitoring website positioning.

We also wish to present fantastic possibilities of FutureNet brand campaigns. We are doing it because this chance is available only until 30.04.2015. Therefore you need to consider if you wish to take advantage of it. Investing an amount of 165$ once, you will have a permanent access to marketing activities of FutureNet professionals.

Alexa Ranking:

On the website Alexa: www.alexa.com you can find numerous parameters regarding your own website, as well as other people’s websites.

We have checked positions taken by other companies which have existed on the market for 10, 20 or 30 years and have millions of customers and distributors.
It is a ranking of global positions of certain websites.

Below you can find four examples:

49.229    Herbalife:                              http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/herbalife.com
190.000 Forever Living Products:      http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/flp.com
115.000 Morinda /Tahitian Noni:        http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/morinda.com
99.000   Monavie:                               http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/monavievo.com

And here we have a company which operates 100% online and it has been on the market since 2007.
“Talk Fusion”, Alexa Ranking, position 55 144 http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/talkfusion.com.

As you can see, it is not that easy to be one of 50 000 websites in the world. Obviously, at FutureNet we have been observing our progress since the very beginning. We were very happy when for the first time during our existence we were included in the top 100 000. Since then several weeks have passed and we are still moving up. Today with great joy we can show you our position among the top 50 000: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/futurenet.club. Exactly today, on the 23rd of April 2015 we have 49 763 position.

And unlike other companies, we have been on the market only for several months. Therefore we wish to thank every member of FutureNet for that!

Show this information to ANYONE YOU KNOW! Show it to EVERYONE who has said “No” so far. And show it during each of your presentations.
We would like others to understand that at FutureNet we are creating something exceptional. And everyone can participate in it, having fun and achieving financial profits.

This is a good introduction to point 2 of this bulletin, as the larger success achieved by FutureNet after such a short time, the greater your chances are resulting from the brand campaigns.


FutureNet brand campaigns:

The opportunity to participate in the FutureNet brand campaign is available only till 30.04.2015. In the first part of the bulletin you could have read about the success achieved by FutureNet within just a few months. However, it is just the beginning of our global expansion.
Our aim is to reach all countries throughout the whole world with FutureNet. We are planning to achieve it through brand campaigns.
As a company we have reserved 13 positions in the global Friends Tree. This way different brand campaigns will be activated throughout the world, and through the participation in one or several of these positions, paying a one-time fee in an amount of 165$, you can succeed with us – being 100% passive.

You invest in one or – even better – a few positions, and then you take advantages from it for the rest of your life. Additionally, you can bequeath your shares to your descendants!

Why is investment income so genius?

It is simple because this way you choose the best path to earn money. Your money works for itself.
Usually, people think that this is a way through which only people who are already rich can earn money. But it is wrong. Each FutureNet offer provides a possibility to have passive income to ANYONE.

The calculation is simple. We invest a certain amount. The question is how soon such an investment will pay for itself. At the moment we are breaking even. From now on we are earning net passive income with FutureNet. Week after week!

You have a chance to use this offer now. But you can also recommend this offer to other people and FutureNet members via your website. This way, you can get 10% direct commission.

An advantage for all FutureNet members is the fact that global Friends Tree is developing, as well, and all FutureNet members profit through the spillover effect of turnover and new positions.
Therefore you naturally benefit through the FutureNet campaigns which become more and more popular. Thanks to this you will receive even better returns from the beginning!

The FutureNet brand campaign is a WIN WIN WIN situation!

All technical information regarding the campaign is available on the following website: http://futurenet.club/brand.

Your FutureNet Team

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.6 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

In this Newsletter we would like to approximate you, how fantastic opportunities offers you FutureNet Brand Campaign: Lifetime Passive Income !!!

Participation in the program is limited by the amount of free places to sell.
All the experts dealing with financial issues  are absolutely agree. Listen to their lectures on the web, read a book or their publication, and you will learn how to build financial security thanks to earned money.
All the experts will recommend you absolutely "diversify your sources of income" and "take care of your passive income." Both of the above recommendations will provide you with financial security.

Wouldn‘t you like, if you receive every month Passive Income covering the cost of renting an apartment, fuel or even just the cost of electricity?

This is certainly the possibility, which everybody would like to use. By participating in the FutureNet Brand Campaign program you‘re keeping this possibility in your own hands.  Your PASSIVE INCOME height depends on you and the amount of your investment.


FutureNet Brand Campaign offers every Partner possibility to achieve a 100% Passive Income.
100% means there is no need for any own activity.
FutureNet Brand Campaign provides you to obtain profits from Marketing and Advertising
Activities, undertaken by our company Marketing Specialists, they are doing the job, for which you obtain 100% passive income.


Your benefits:

•    One-time investment
•    No monthly subscription
•    No Qualifications required
•    No Any Self Activity
•    Lifetime Passive Income
•    Inheritance
•    Full Transparency / Administration Panel
•    Weekly Payouts
•    Certified Position

By clicking on the link below, you can see the video material, approximates the details of the campaign and very carefully, hypothetical calculations of the income, which participation in FutureNet Brand Campaign can bring: www.futurenet.club/brand   

Are you interested in obtaining Passive Income? OK, so decide on one of the following investments: 165$, 660$ or 1.320$.

 It is possible to purchase more than one investment position (the offer is limited in time and the number of available positions).
The higher number of purchased units is associated with the higher Passive Income!
If you do not have free cash investment at this time, use the opportunity of offering participation in the FutureNet Brand Campaign Program to the others. Any sale of your request involves the payment of a commission of 10%.
There is no any requirements to obtain the commission mentioned above.
The resulting commission you can also spent on the purchase of a particular entity in the e FutureNet Brand Campaign Program.

Decide Now!



We are happy to tell you that our Product FUTURE-CLOUD is online now.
You can click left in the menu in your board.


You can click left in your board at the link: CUSTOMER-SALES-PAGE too. Right now it is not 100% functionally but you can take a look at it.
The payment Systems Paypal and Credit Card will be available next week. When it will be online, you can start with selling products to customers.
And than you will have the option to pay your FutureNet upgrade by Paypal or Credit Card too.

FutureNet Team

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.5 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

In this newsletter, we would like to share a fantastic novelty from FutureNet with you.

In the case that you have not been on your on-line FutureNet Board for some time, NOW it is a good time to log in again.

On the link page on your board you can see now a few new menu items:
1. Future-Games
2. FN-Landing-Page
3. FN-Brand-Campaign

4. Momentum-System

In this newsletter, we provide you a landing page system and the FutureNet brand campaign in which you may participate. You too can take advantage of the fantastic opportunities!

The Landing-Page-System:

A good landing page is the base for successful on-line marketing. On the landing page you can generate contacts, which will automatically be informed via the auto responder. You will receive the information in the statistics overview, in your landing page system.

The philosophy underlying the FutureNet is that we offer products that are EASY to use for everybody. With the BASIC VERSION of the landing page system you have exactly such a product.

Simply click on the link: FN-Landing-Page on your screen, and you get an overview.
You may install your first landing page in less than 5 minutes and launch it on-line. The entire process is so simple that everybody can do it.

Also, there is the first tutorial how to do this in GERMAN:   https://youtu.be/YcarbsbxHnc

This is now the BASIC VERSION, but we will offer further landing page levels at a later time. The details will follow later.


Profit DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY from the work of the FutureNet’s marketing experts!

FutureNet has begun to make its brand known worldwide with different campaigns. This has many advantages for every participant since in this way we increase the awareness about the brand.
Your advertising campaign and presentations will reach still better quotas.
Thanks to an increasing number of participants we can expand the aggregate advertising space on the FutureNet platform and this alone yields an enormous profit for all through the social media bonus.

The FutureNet advertising campaign consists of the following:
We have instructed firmly four advertising and PR experts, who will take care about our presence in English, Spanish, Russian and German in the internet round the clock.  
FutureNet invests money in order to be present with the editorial news, interviews, videos, etc. on-line on all popular information platforms, and, first of all, on all well-known and important marketing platforms.
Now, we have started to place print advertisements in different important marketing magazines, newspapers and other publications worldwide.
Still in this year, we have started advertising in radio and TV. To this end, we cooperate with the professional consulting companies.

FutureNet will publish its own printed MAGAZINE, starting with the edition volume of 100,000 pcs. The magazine will be available in different languages: English, Turkish, German, Hungarian, Romanian, French and other languages.

And YOU can profit from a one-off investment from everything what will happen here in the forthcoming weeks, months and years!

YOUR PERSONAL CHANCE for the FutureNet brand campaign:

You can see that every move is exactly planned with FutureNet. Now, how can YOU profit DIRECTLY from the advertising campaign?
The answer is quite simple; you can PARTICIPATE in the campaign by investing in it in three different sizes!

FutureNet has reserved 13 positions in the worldwide Friends Tree.
We offer now every FutureNet Partner or even every new interested person a possibility to participate with an one-time investment from 165US$ into one or more than one of these positions.
You needn’t start any activity by yourself to participate permanently in the profits from the respective position, or, if you have more shares, form different positions.

Simply click on your board on: FN-BRAND-CAMPAIGN, and you can see a two minute-long video film, from which you will learn all the details about this fantastic possibility to PASSIVELY earn money on-line.
You can also click directly on the brand campaign here:  http://www.futurenet.club/brand

ATTENTION: This offer is only valid once until all positions run out. Therefore, you should act as quickly as possible if you want to be on it!

When you view the details you will also learn how you may immediately earn money through recommendation in the brand campaign. A ten percent (10%) direct commission fee for each personal purchase is immediately credited on the on-line account!

And the advantage for ALL FutureNet Premium Members from the 10$ “MEMBER“ position is that for them the brand campaign provides, in a natural way, a new momentum for worldwide Friends Tree, which again means passive income for all FutureNet participants.

There are still two great things on the way to your success with FutureNet.
In the next newsletter, we will present you a neutral CUSTOMER PURCHASE WEBSEITE as well as the MOMENTUM SYSTEM    =   “invest only once 10US$ and earn back 4,306.50US$“.

You may already now look forward to what we offer on FutureNet. And the most important thing: SHARE THIS INFORMAITON WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!

We wish you a successful and happy day.

Your FutureNet Team

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.4 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

In this Newsletter, we want to remind you about our EXCLUSIVE Membership Promotion.
Every FutureNet Member has the opportunity to make an upgrade to EXCLUSIVE POSITION till the 28.02.2015.
With your Upgrade, you automatically participate in the benefits of the promotion.

Your both personalized FutureNet sites will be shown on the neutral FutureNet websites.

FutureNet will make big promotions for entire March.
If you are an EXCLUSIVE MEMBER, than through your participation in the Promotion you can also get new personal FutureNet friends and new personal Premium Members!!!

Of course, this new Frontline Partner will also count towards your status and activity for your qualification for the Matching Bonus and Unilevel Bonus!

You can see all the details in the pdf`s:
English: https://futurenet.club/download/promotion_EN.pdf
German: https://futurenet.club/download/promotion_DE.pdf
French: https://futurenet.club/download/promotion_FR.pdf
Polish: https://futurenet.club/download/promotion_PL.pdf

best regards - Your FutureNet Team         

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.3 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

This newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments.

FutureNet has been officially launched on 1 February 2015.
So far, we have already welcomed members from 82 countries all over the globe. At this point, we would like to mention specifically Turkey, Hungary, Romania, France and Germany, as we have noted the most significant success in these countries.

                      FutureNet Success System

On 17 February 2015, we have launched the FutureNet Success System in the German language version. The English version will be online on 24 February.
Other languages such as Polish, Turkish, French, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian will follow in the near future.

The FutureNet Success System is designed for partners, who plan to establish their own online businesses with FutureNet.

The entire system bases on a video clip, which explains how it all works. Please find it here in German:  http://www.futurenet.club/system
The English video clip will be put online on Monday.

Our clip shows you how to establish your personal FutureNet business in a few easy steps. You learn about a system, which verifiably is the most efficient one in the entire MLM industry!

Starting from today, you can participate in one of our DAILY TRAINING sessions, which are launched simultaneously with the video clip. Please find a list of training courses and recordings below:


Our Products / Services

1. Future Leads

All partners holding the positions Saphire and Royal benefit from the PR activities of our company: all personalized websites of our Saphire and Royal partners are displayed in cyclical turns.
New friends of premium partners from all over the globe will then become frontline partners of the respective Saphire or Royal partner.

We currently run a special promotion (last day: 28 February 2015). Every partner, who accomplishes his update to the EXCLUSIVE position / 100 $, automatically participates in the Future Lead Service.

ATTENTION: We have modified this promotional offer. Now, ALL PARTNERS have the change to participate on the basis of their upgrade. This also applies to partners, who are already long-term FutureNet members. They may also upgrade their position until 28 February 2015.

2. Future Landing Page System

Until 1 March 2015, we will offer yet another product – the Future Landing Page System.
The first step will contain a basic version of the system. In due time, we will make a medium and professional version available.

Every online marketer needs a landing page system in order to generate new contacts all the time.
If you have a look at the available offers on the market, you will see that they are either very expensive, unprofessional or incredibly difficult to handle. Moreover, usually there is only one language version available.

The new Future Landing Page System provides you with a user-friendly effective system. Already the basic version contains 30 different landing pages, an auto responder and an address management system.
In due time, we will offer this service in all languages.

3. Future Video Mail

The internet medium of the future are VIDEO CLIPS.
Sending video clips via e-mail is perceived as modern and interesting by your recipients.
FutureNet will shortly offer you a fantastic video mailing system.
Again: you can look forward to a highly professional, user-friendly system in a large number of language versions.
We will keep you up-to-date on this issue in due time.

4. Future Cloud

More and more people use clouds to store their files. FutureNet joins this trend and plans to offer this service already in the nearest future.
Future Cloud – just another useful product, which completes the diverse offer of FutureNet.

5. Future Blog

Probably each of you has already heard about online blogs. But just a few will really know what it is and only a couple of individuals already run their own blogs.
With Future Blog, we want to and actually will change that. Everybody will be able to establish his or her own blog based on our product – quickly and easily.
We will let you know about details soon.

6. Future Games

For sure, you have already noticed the first games on the board. With a click on the FUTURE GAMES button, you will see a list of the most popular games. We are currently working on an expansion of this offer. You will shortly find OWN FutureNet games on the board.

The aim of FutureNet is easy. We want to offer everything that makes sense online and fits with our goals as an own product or service.
Yes, that’s it. With FutureNet, you have hit the mark for a successful future.

FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.2 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

The time has come: February 1st, 2015. This is a truly historic day, as we are officially launching FutureNet – your “platform for positive news!”


Did you log in your board during the last days? Yes? OK, then you have already seen our fantastic innovations.

FutureNet offers all opportunities of a modern social media network, combined with the chance to make money.



FutureNet is more than a usual social media network. MUCH MORE!

In the first 3 months, we have observed FutureNet’s huge success on the market.


Now imagine that what you see currently is just a small part of the full offer, which FutureNet plans to introduce little by little!


In this newsletter, we would like to inform you about the most important innovations:


1. Future Cloud
2. Future Lead System
3. Future Blog
4. Future App


Future Cloud:

Are you aware of the advantages of cloud solutions? More and more people work with a couple of computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Wouldn’t it be great to access your documents from any devices at any time?
This is what Future Cloud offers.

Depending on your starting position at FutureNet or your actual update position, we grant you storage space in the Future Cloud.



Future Leads:

The aim of FutureNet is to supply you with a perfect platform for successful online business activities.

With Future Lead, we provide you an online contact system for all FutureNet members. What is more – you can sell the system to your clients, who are not yet FutureNet members themselves. These transactions ensure additional passive income. Month by month, you will participate in the sales revenues realized by partners within your team.





This step will make us extraordinarily attractive for customers from outside of our network, as the majority of similar offers is only available in English and therefore not accessible for many people.


How does it work?

The most essential point comes first: all solutions, which we develop at FutureNet, are supposed to be maximum user-friendly and easy to operate.

Nobody needs a system with 100 different useless options, which are accessible only for top-class professionals.


With Future Lead, you are able to create your own neutral, attractive landing page within 5 minutes, choosing among many different templates. A landing pages it the BASIS for a successful online marketing business.

You may choose your graphic design for your landing page according to your own needs. If you want, you can even use own pictures as background.


In the next step, you choose one of the many available template texts, which will render your landing page interesting for visitors. You are free to write your own, individual text.

Afterwards, you choose a button text in order to encourage visitors to request further information.


The most important item of a landing page is of course the form, which the visitor is asked to fill in. Just as earlier, you may choose the standard template (e-mail address and name). If you prefer individual settings, you can choose other information, which your visitors are asked to supply.


You will see – your landing page will be ready in a few minutes. The system is as easy to handle as a simple construction kit.


The landing page will be linked to an auto responder system.
A visitor, who has filled in his or her e-mail-address, will automatically be supplied with your follow-up e-mails.

And again the decision is up to you: you can either take one of the templates or create your own, individual texts.

The entire system is completed with a statistics function and an address management system.


As soon as our Future Lead system will be available, we will let you know and supply you with further information in training lectures.



Future Blog:

And here is the next product for you – the Future Blog. Use it or sell it to your customers!

Currently, we are working on version in all FutureNet languages.

Have you ever heard about internet BLOGS? Most of you will answer this question with YES, but only a few will really know what it is. Moreover, just several individuals will already run their own blogs. Why is that so? Simply because it is way too complicated to establish a personal blog with one of the existing providers.

The solution for EVERYONE is Future Blog!
Following just a few steps, you can choose templates and create your own blog. According to your preferences, your blog may be customized to FutureNet or have an individual, neutral design.


Future App

The FutureNet year 2015 is very much influenced by mobile apps.
We will provide APPS for all leading systems – for both social media networks and your back office.


FutureNet is more than a simple platform. MUCH MORE! As you can see, we haven’t promised too much.


Launch your business NOW. Seize the opportunity and start to develop a FutureNet income!


“FutureNet - the company for the rest of your life“



On Sunday, 01/02/2015 FutureNet official Start Webinar will be conducted at:

4 p.m. UK time
4 p.m. Lisbon time,
5 p.m., German time,
5 p.m. Paris time,
5 p.m. Warsaw time,
5 p.m. Madrid time,
5 p.m. Budapest time,
5 p.m. Roma time,
6 p.m. Kiev time,
6 p.m. Bukarest time,
6 p.m. Istanbul time,
7 p.m. Moscow time
11 p.m. Bangkok time

We hope you will attend!



FutureNet Club Newsletter Nr.1 English

FutureNet - Die Plattform für positive News zum Geld verdienen!

In 2015, many spectacular successes awaits us. Assuming FutureNet guided us idea of creating every person in the world the possibility to build your own Online Business.


Events and successes of the early days of social platform FutureNet, shows warm welcome in the Online market, it is a great opportunity for you and your family. Invited friends will be delighted with business opportunities, as well as social networking FutureNet.

Important for you is to took seriously to heart your new business from the first day and do everything that is necessary to achieve your own success with us.


Management Team, Webinars teachers and many international Leaders will show you the way, step by step, they will help you achieve your own goals and objectives with FutureNet.


Watch as often as possible Business presentations (Webinars) and online trainings conducted by experienced Marketers.

Links to the presentation below:


Webinar: www.futurenet.club/webinars

Training: www.futurenet.club/trainings


For today, Webinars are guided in English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, French, Ukrainian and Polish languages.


We are preparing for Webinars in: Italy, Thailand, Vietnami, Philippines, USA, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia.


Important technical informations:


1. An agreement on international support for credit cards and payment is signed. In the next days, service and credit card payment will be introduced.


2. Free of charge registration for social platform user`s through your reference link (Landing Page)  hfuturenet.me has been further simplified. Invited person has just to click on the link sent to an E-mail, and then fill in the fields with name, surname and password.


3. Social Media Bonus is added daily to your online account. Club members, which do not have a Premium account may use it in the first place for the purchase of the account "Premium". Business Club Members (Premium) can withdraw or use it to purchase a registration code or purchase existing as well as launches Futurenet products. Accrued commissions will be paid out after a period of 14 days.


4. Webinar’s Calendar contains additional information: the time in different countries (this will allow you to take part in other webinars).


5. Our developers are introducing new features and functionality work on the social networking site.


6. Designers and developers are working on a new design of our Back Office.

7. In Multimedia part, which already today you can add and download files you have selected, the hard work on the further development of certain functions and on changes is also in progress.


As you can see FutureNet is dynamically developing enterprise and for sure it is your Future and anyone who will join us Future too.



There were a lot of people asking about the accounting of payments for Premium before introduced their Partners for fear of loss Bonus. Unfortunately, such an actions, because of very complicated digital system of calculations are not possible.

Nothing to lose, make sure to upgrade before your introduced Partner.



Changes in the accounting and change the position ARE NOT POSSIBLE.



We wish you all the best, many professional successes and reaching your goals.


Futurenet Team.