:) Welcome to Futurenet my friend! :)
To join FutureNet was really a great decision! You are at the right place in the right time!

I know at the beginning you do not know exactly what you shall do with Futurenet. :$


Actually it is very simple to make money, once you have an overview and I want to help you.
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There are important things you should do immediately!

1.) To start with FutureNet & FutureAdpro please visit this site now:

http://www.futurenet-club.com/english-home/your-start-with-futurenet/ and watch all Videos.

2.) Put up a profile pic and fill your Futurenet profile. You can get for up to 10$ in Media Points for this. Post something on the wall. Do not forget to confirm your email address, please!
TIP! You can pay all Futurenet products with „Media Points“.

3.) Make some friends! (go through my friends list and send-out some invites)

4.) Quite decisive! ► Grab your REFERRAL LINK and share it with EVERYBODY you know!!!

5.) Take a look at all the learning and training videos!

6.) Download the APP if you have smartphone

7.) Upgrade your Futurenet account as high as possible! ► Business Backoffice - Otherwise you lose money!

8.) Login your FutureAdPro account and buy at least 1 adpack. Better is to start with a minimum of 20 adpacks if it is possible for you.

9.) Download and read the FutureNet and FutureAdPro marketing plans here:

10) Talk to everyone about Futurenet and use your personal FutureNet Success System to build your downline. Now watch yourself EARN emoticon7

To get you started, I have provided you with a whole range of traning videos of FutureNet leaders and members.

First take a look to this 2 videos to learn more about Futurenet and the power of dublication:

FutureNet opportunities - The market and the company:


The Power of Dublication:


To view all current FutureNet videos and to get them in many other languages, subscribe the FutureNet Club Youtube

channel here:


Short and easy training videos to learn how FutureNet works:
FutureNet Learning Center with Fraser Douther and Adrian Hibbert


FutureNet is real! Take a look by yourself - Headquarter's Visit Video:


There are coming more trainings and a very easy sponsor system very soon...

Now where did you get a lot of important informations,

I highly recommend you to upgrade your FutureNet account as high as possible under:

Otherwise it could be that you lose commissions.
In addition, make sure you have at least 1 adpack (better 20 or more) in FutureAdPro to participate to the overall success of the company.

Best regards an a lot of success with Futurenet

Bernd F. Groeger (powerworker)

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