Mighty Buyer Social Shopping


  • Start is at September, 17 2016
    Starting as the first global Social Shop Community worldwide
  • Selection
    Huge Shop deals with over 600,000 articles from over 300 brand partners
  • Income
    generate an attractive monthly income with the marketing of individual Shop Links .
  • Community
    Through the concept of a buying group, the products can be offered simultaneously at unbelievably low prices .


A small selection of the companies currently involved over 300

The concept: 

The launch of mighty buyer falls on the 10.09.2016 and applies first to the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. From January 2017, more countries will be able to register as a license partner. The license fee is only 49,- euro per month.

The management:

The management and its international team of consultants have many years of experience in leading positions among manufacturers of consumer electronics, shopping for large enterprises in brand building, in the PR work and many other areas. For the development team include international IT experts who specialize in developing applications of the "Next Generation" .

The ambition: 

The primary ambition of Mighty Buyer is to establish a global shopping community with hundreds of thousands of licensed partners and millions of end users together with license partners.More consumer mean larger orders and therefore lower purchase prices from suppliers.

The earning potential:

Es gibt insgesamt 4 verschiedene Möglichkeiten mit Mighty Buyer zu verdienen.


  1.  The Shop Commission - You earn at each of the purchases on your store The trading range for this is on average 5 to 40 % , depends on from which product group. The entire shop is processing such as warehouse, shipping, customer support, etc by mighty buyer performed . as a partner you can therefore fully concentrate other people to promote your shop.
  2. Partner Shops – .partner shops - Each of your direct partner shops as well as its direct partner shops bring you 5 %.

3. Downline 3 matrix - get a bonus over 10 levels of downline, no matter by whom, the partners were invited in the downline building, in a set of 3 matrix each partner can have up to 3 downlines, making additional partner strengthening built under these three. That is to say: In level 1, you can have 3 partners, in Level 2 max 9 partners, in Level 3 max 27 partners, etc. The new partners are therefore automatically placed under the new partner without these are themselves active .

  1. Bonus program - Each partner will automatically takes part on a bonus program that rewards all active partners.