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From the 1 August 2017 starts the prephase, where you can only sign in through an invitation link. The entire technology and team behind OMNIA is the one of Genesis Mining, only the Network Marketing Compensation Plan is under the new name. The opulent remuneration possibilities of the Network Markteting meet with OMNIA on the fundamental basis of Genesis Mining. A combination that you rarely see at the beginning of a Network Marketing company.


OMNIA TECH - Interview with Dr Marco Krohn - OMNIA Proud Partner of Genesis Mining

Some of our top leaders and ambassadors were invited by OMNIA to visit ICELAND, Genesis Mining Farms. We had the honor and privilege to interview Dr Marcho Krohn and discuss mining, crypto currency and the relationship between Genesis Mining and OMNIA.

Omnia Webinar English

Omnia Tech Webinar ENGLISH   Leaders Call