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Zagan open days

It was like a dream come true indeed and we were beyond excited. The 226 attendees of the 2nd Recyclix's Open Days in Zagan, Poland had the chance to follow comprehensive presentations, networking, and tours of our facilities that hopefully enlightened the participants even more about our business model and how much more we can grow together in the future.


We have already started implementing procedures, first of all to fulfill our responsibility to inform you that any appropriate taxes deriving from your Recyclix profits are to be reported as per your own country's specific taxation laws. Please consult with an authorized tax adviser in your country if you are not sure how this applies to you.

The security and integrity of our databases is also another important focus of our Compliance Department. In accordance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations, we will now appoint an independent expert called Q-Gen to handle and manage our user identity validations. The validation process will remain the same and it will still be done through our user interface via selfie and document upload, so there is no added inconvenience to the users. In connection with this, we remind you once more that you should NOT under any circumstances use someone else's financial accounts (Paypal, bank account, credit card, etc.) to deposit or withdraw to your account. Please make sure to regularly review our terms as any flagrant violation will result into account suspensions or outright termination without recompense as we reserve the right to forfeit all account funds and donate them to worthy environmental causes that Recyclix is passionate about.

This change will not happen instantly but since it requires also some technical changes, we expect that the new system will be implemented by mid of October. Once the implantation has been concluded, affiliate links will no longer work, instead you should give your account ID to your prospective affiliates and they have to manually enter it on the sign up page as their sponsor. From that moment on, no second, third or fourth level commissions will be paid and no new affiliates in these levels will be added to your downline. Our terms of service will be amended accordingly over the next days.

To end on a very high note, we are also announcing that we are in the initial stages of negotiation for the purchase of a plastic waste processing facility in the beautiful resort-city of Bari on the Italian coast. A letter of intent has been signed and we will keep you posted of any new developments.

Our next newsletter will be an Interim Financial Report that will include important financial statistics and data that we are happy to share with our users, as well as upcoming plans for future international expansion. We hope that this will enhance transparency between us and further show our commitment to make Recyclix not only a global ambassador for the environment, but also the best financial platform available to serious investors.

Once again, we are overwhelmed with the responses we have received over the Open Days and we hope that we have exceeded your expectations. We thank all those who traveled far and wide to join us, and those who showed their support even without being there themselves.


We assure you that we will only work harder from here on out, and there can only be even greater things in store for Recyclix!  

Summer Update / Open Days in Poland


Dear Recyclers,

Around the world summer is thought to be a relaxed and slow season when nothing much happens and you can simply slow down with everything, get some rest, and enjoy the moment under the warm sunrays.

However, we at Recyclix prefer not to lose time and take advantage of every single day, working hard to make our company better for the sake of a cleaner and healthier world as well as your financial stability and personal growth.

This summer turned out to be the busiest, most successful, and most productive season ever since the establishment of our company. And though it’s still not over, it was full of work on helpful features and developments in our website, foundation of new recycling plants, and business trips where major deals were arranged. Today we would like to tell you about the progress we’ve made over the last month.

In our previous newsletters we told you a lot about our Open Days — which proved to be a real success and a highly efficient tool of getting the close-knit community of Recyclix together and brainstorming exciting business ideas — and mentioned about the next event of this kind where you are invited.

Currently we already have the exact dates for the Second Recyclix’s Open Days and it will be held from September 20 to September 23 in Poland. We will be waiting for all those of you who are interested in joining Recyclix team members and dozens of like-minded investors in numerous inspirational business discussions, enlightening Q&A sessions, guided tours, revealing the most ambitious plans that we will make a reality, and lots of fun.

The guests will be met on September 20 in Berlin, Germany, accommodated and transferred to the Polish city of Zagan, close to the German border, where the event will take place.

As soon as we receive the confirmation of rental of the castle where participants of the Second Official Recyclix’s Open Days will stay, we will publish a link to the website where you will be able to sign up for this event.

Please remember that costs associated with transportation to Berlin, Germany, are covered by the participants themselves and be sure to stay tuned for more details.

Now it’s time to pass on to the news about the business growth that Recyclix experienced over the last month. Waste recycling became a really important issue in Europe since the EU government signed laws that prohibit proliferation of landfills and seek to put burial and burning of plastic waste to an end by 2020.

Another crucially important thing that we would like to share with you today is the commencement of construction of a new massive waste processing plant in the Polish city of Łobez. In 12 months — when the construction works will be over and the plant will be up and running — it will produce over 2000 tons monthly of LDPE, PE and PP granules that will be used by dozens of European businesses to make high-quality and eco-friendly goods for thousands of people all around the world.

Investments in the new waste recycling plant amount to 15 million EUR, which is so far one of the largest investments of Recyclix and a huge leap ahead. This victory is both yours and ours and we are really grateful to all of you for staying with us and trusting us. We will keep you posted on all developments about this project in the next newsletters.

As a finishing touch, we invite all of you to join our official page on Facebook ( ) to keep up with the latest Recyclix’s updates, developments, and news as well as enjoy tons of exciting content about the world of recycling that will come out really soon.

Remember that working with Recyclix means having loyal support of thousands of people in the EU and around the world, live in harmony with the nature and the world, feel safe about your family and the next generations, and prosper financially. It is being who you really want to be.

One team, one dream. Simply Recyclix.


See you soon in Poland!

All the best,
Recyclix Team 

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