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If you are looking for a more innovative, fun and interesting way to get in touch with different people around the world, you may want to join Francesca on WowApp. If you have something great to share to everyone, you may want to try WowApp and witness its greatness!


Wow App – What Is It?

WowApp is the best communication app that you can have. It is guaranteed 100% free to join and it shares more than seventy percent of its margin or profit with you. From your earnings, you will be able to donate some money to any of the two thousand charities located in 110 countries or you can choose to cash out for yourself. You have the option to choose what fits your needs and specifications.


What is Unique Regarding WowApp?

With this communication app, you have the option to earn whilst you go and socialize. They share more than 70 percent of their returns on investment with the entire community. You can use your own earnings so you can do some good through charitable works.

You can also cash out for yourself to a credit card, PayPal account or bank account. Call all the world at the most affordable rates. You can contact any of your friends who also have an account on WowApp through video and audio calls. WowApp comes with a feature called Private Mode which entitles the greatest privacy feature wherein messages are erased automatically once you end the conversation.


Features of WowApp

WowApp is completely free to use plus you can also receive earnings without having to spend money. WowApp to WowApp calls are also free. You can also get rewards for everything that you as well as your network do in WowApp that can reach up to eight levels wide. We are sharing more than 70 percent of their margin or revenue. You can also choose whether to cash out or donate. You may convert the WowCoins to real cash when you contribute to any of the charities supported by WowApp or if you prefer to cash out for yourself.


Why Choose WowApp?

WowApp is aimed to be the ultimate platform in the web where everybody wins through making and earning money from the activities they are recently doing at no cost. It is the communication platform that was created in connection with Wowism, which is the new economy of distribution wherein most economic advantage is to be shared with the entire community. In return, the community shares by doing something that is good for the sake of everyone.


WowApp is helping the community to create a significant difference by means of sharing and to experience and enjoy the enjoyment of giving. As said before, they share some of their margin or revenue from the worldwide paid calling market. Can you imagine how great it is to earn revenue with WowApp? With this platform, you can make daily money while not spending a cent from your pocket. So what are you still waiting for? Try WowApp and see for yourself.